Thursday, August 13, 2009

Win One of Two $10 iTunes Gift Cards!!!

Gameloft, a huge development company in the App Store, has presented us with 2 $10 iTunes Gift Cards to give away to our lucky readers!!! The iTunes Gift Cards can be used to purchase apps, music, movies, or virtually anything in the entire iTunes Store! Gameloft has published many hits, including Assassin's Creed, Terminator Salvation, Castle of Magic, NFL 2010, Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, Hero of Sparta, and Let's Golf. 
All you need to do to enter, is post a comment below, or follow me on Twitter, and re-tweet a message. Be sure to read the details below, for the exact instructions telling you how to win free iTunes Gift Cards.

Contest Rules:
1. The Gameloft giveaway is open to all, but to redeem the iTunes Gift Card, you must have a US iTunes Store account. If you do not, you can either make one, or give the card to a friend who has one.

2. One of the two ways to enter the contest is to watch the trailer of Gameloft's upcoming FPS, Modern Combat Sandstorm, (look below) and write a comment on this contest saying how it looks to you. Note: In addition to writing how you think the game looks, you must also leave either your Twitter username or email address, so we can contact you if you win.

2.5: If you do not want to leave your email written publicly in a comment, email your entry to
Email addresses are always kept confidential.

3. To greatly increase your chances of winning a $10 iTunes Gift Card, follow both me and Gameloft_US on twitter, and re-tweet the following message: RT and Follow both  @zamzarvideo and @Gameloft_US to win 2 $10 iTunes Gift Cards! Visit for details!

4. You can re-tweet this message up to five times per day, and each re-tweet makes it even  easier for you to win a $10 Gift Card.

5. The contest will close Friday, August 21st at 23:59 PST. Winners will be randomly selected, and the two lucky winners will be announced shortly after, on Saturday morning.


rhenzhen said...

Modern Combat Sandstorm, is going to be the HOTTEST game that is coming to iPhone. It's totally a COD:MW clone. I just love it. I just hope there are lots of weapons that you can use. I can't wait to get the full version of this. Also, hoping to win, I'll definitely use the gift card for this game. THANKS!

Twitter name: @RHENZHEN

Alex F said...

Awesome, I really can't wait for this, looks like cod 4 so hopefully it will just as good!

Twitter= Alex_Ferrigno

Brett said...

This game easily looks as good as any Nintendo DS or PSP game that I've seen. I'm Really hoping that the final product plays as well as it looks here.

Twitter: @OTGGamer

qasim said...

Wow! This game seriously is the Call of Duty for iPhone/iPod Touch! The graphics are beatiful and the enviroemtns are rednered in 3D! It looks like the first, full, good, and perfect FPS on iPhone so far. Hill Billy had a terrible plot. Doom R was amazing but even though rail on shooting was nice, moving yourself would be better. Wolf. 3D was great as well but the graphics were outdated. This has great controls, graphics, and i think it will give the feel of COD4 on 360. If I win, I will definitely buy this game! Woot! :) lol.

Twitter Username: qzia
Email Adress:

Hope I win! Thanks for making this contest! :D lol

Doreen said...

I think this game is pretty cool and it's def something my Brother would be interested in!! I follow both of you on Twitter & I re-tweeted!
Twitter: luvcontests
purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

Pierre said...

this game will be the on the top of the paid app store and the free if there is a lite version.

this game look so cool for a second there i thought that it was a pc game.

the graphics are amazing and it looks like a full console game.

twitter: @pierrepoupart44

Mike said...

Oh my word this looks seriously good. I haven't played a FPS in a while or at all on my iPhone so I am really keen to try this out.
Twitter: @MikeCTZA

Fleabag323 said...

Okay, just to remind myself, @Stykman1 tried to enter by leaving a comment, but it wouldn't work, so he replied to me on twitter with the same impressions.

Howie said...
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Howie said...

This game is gonna be da bomb! Definitely going to be the best first person shooter for the iPhone/iPod Touch! The graphics are fantastic, the control look like they work great, the weapons look awesome, and the gameplay looks really fun. Hope that this game is going to be as good as it looks!!!

Darren said...

Ive already sent an email but I'll post here anyway

The game looks amazing and it looks just like a mini Call of Duty which will give it real value! Plus, the environment looks really realistic for an iPhone game!

Twitter: dplz

Bridget said...

looks like a really cool shooter game for the iphone. The graphics look amazing! twitter username-soxrox33

Eureka279 said...

Gameloft does it again,the game sports everything one looks for in a FPS,looks great and plays well - it's a winner.
Twitter - @eureka279

ghettorock310 said...

If I win the gift card I will definitely be using part of it (or possibly all of it?) on Gameloft's upcoming Modern Combat. I'm really excited for the optional control schemes-including double tap target to fire. I think that kind of diversity always benefits the player so I'm always appreciative when companies add it in.

JCman7 said...

Gameloft is a leader or should I say THE leader in iphone/ipod touch apps. I love the games! I am really excited about this FPS, it looks like a ton of fun and a lot better then the others currently in the appstore. Twitter: @JCman7

Gideon Valor said...

Love Gameloft!

Xavi said...

Gameloft is GOD!! The best iphone games are from this company!
twitter: xgarriga

neil said...

Gameloft is the king of iphone gaming. Gangstar is the best game on the iphone ever and sandstorm is the another one.!!

fa said...

Wow more and more amazing games from gameloft. Everbody is thinking Call of Dity when it comes to this game but I'm faithful it will create it's own image , I highly look forward to this and envy the beta testers for the game.

Twitter: @fazfznz

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