Monday, August 24, 2009

Win a $10 iTunes Gift Card Courtesy of Chillingo!

Chillingo, a huge publishing company in the App Store, has presented us with a $10 iTunes Gift Card to give away to a lucky reader!!! The iTunes Gift Card can be used to purchase apps, music, movies, or virtually anything in the entire iTunes Store! Chillingo has published many hits, including Inkvaders, Minigore, iDracula, Defender Chronicles, Touch KO, and Knights Onrush. 
All you need to do to enter, is post a comment below, or follow me on Twitter, and re-tweet a message. Be sure to read the details below, for the exact instructions telling you how to win free iTunes Gift Cards.

Contest Rules:
1. The Chillingo giveaway is open to all, but to redeem the iTunes Gift Card, you must have a US iTunes Store account. If you do not, you can either make one, or give the card to a friend who has one.

2. One of the two ways is to write a comment on this contest post, saying what your favorite Chillingo game is, and why. If you do not have any games by Chillingo, write which one looks the best to you. Note: In addition to writing how you think the game looks, you must also leave either your Twitter username or email address, so we can contact you if you win. Some people have difficulty submitting the comments, if you do, just press the submit comment button again. If that doesn't work, you can email two entries, and say that one wouldn't submit.

2.5: If you do not want to leave your email written publicly in a comment, email your entry to
Email addresses are always kept confidential.

3. To greatly increase your chances of winning a $10 iTunes Gift Card, follow both me and Chillingo on twitter, and re-tweet the following message: RT and Follow both  @zamzarvideo and @Chillingo to win a $10 iTunes Gift Card! Visit for details!

4. You can re-tweet this message up to five times per day, and each re-tweet increases the chance that you'll win a $10 iTunes Gift Card.

5. The contest will close Tuesday, September 1st at 23:59 PST. Winners will be randomly selected, and the two lucky winners will be announced shortly after, on Wednesday morning.


elliyun said...

I think touch ko looks and plays great, but needs better AI. once that is done, it will be great!


Alex F said...

My favourite chillingo game is minigore because it's so fun, addicting, cool and is going to be updated regularly if apple stop being *************************** and actually approve stuff.
and I will be doing the retweets to enter as well

Eureka279 said...

Favorite Chillingo game-Minigore-Casual simple gaming done right.

twilightaddict323 said...

I don't have any chillingo games, but I think that Potpourrii looks the most fun because I love puzzle games.
Twitter= twilightislife0

Darren said...

My favourite Chillingo game is Minigore, it's so addictive that when I fail to beat my highscore, I play until I get it! And with the updates coming up, this will be one awesome game!

Twitter: dplz

Richie D said...

Knights onrush is my favorite chillingo game. The graphics and gameplay are way better than any of the other games in the genre.

Twitter - rufus1212

S.A said...

my fav chillingo game is TOUCH KO,the graphics are awesome comparable to psp & ps2.

Howie said...

My absolute favorite game from Chillingo is Defender Chronicles! I usually do don't like TD games very much, but this game is truly awesome! The game play is very exciting and fun. Unlike any TD game in the appstore.


S3RGANT said...

My favorite so far is minigore

JC said...

my favourite chillingo game is The Quest, because it is real RPG with old school feeling and with other features we like. This is basically "must have" game for all RPG fans with iDevices out there :)

Twitter - JCik

email - should be seen somewhere after you click at my name/nick (JC) cause I am commenting this using google account option

fa said...

My favorite game so far is Minigore because it is an easy pick up and play game and when i need to get back to work , i can just put my iphone down and go play it again later

qasim said...

My favorite Chillingo game is Minigore because it's a fast pick up and play game that is incredibly addicting! It's easy to play, the enemies are cool, graphics are superb, controls are perfect, and it is extremely fun. I highly recommend it to anyone who didn't get it yet. It's very fun/addicting.

Twitter Username: qzia
Email Adress:

Hope I win! Good luck to alL! :)

Xavi said...

My favorite is Toki Tori!
twitter: xgarriga

US said...

I actually have quite a number of Chillingo games but the one which stands out most is Defender Chronicles. Not is it only one of my favorite genres, that is tower defense, but it also brings it to a whole new level. It is more intense and deeper compared to the usual build and defense type. You get to recruit individuals and heroes to help you fend off the enemies, which I must add, are quite challenging. I almost failed on level 1 -_-. It gets even better as the game progresses. I have no doubt it will always stay on my home screen.

Twitter: AppDavies

imns said...

Too hard to pick one. Toki Tori, DC and inkvaders are the top three chillingo games for me.

But if I had to pick just one then it`ll have to be none other than Defender Chronicles. It`s arguably the best game on AppStore and is great value for just 2.99$. Been playing it ever since it came out and still not bored of it at all thanx to the hard working devs who keeps pushing out one great update after the other.

Twitter: NoSuperMan

trevor said...

So hard to pick a favourite Chillingo game. Toki Tori was my favourite, such a great game, gameplay, graphics and sound all top notch. These days i'm torn between Minigore and Inkvaders, epic games!

Twitter - @trevainsworth

Kariminal said...

my favorite chillingo game would have to definitely be Touch KO becaquse i loved the graphics for the iphone and also the control scheme was good

Email -

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