Thursday, August 20, 2009

NFL 2010 Review

Play as your favorite NFL team, for a whole season or more, with all of the passes, tackles, and punts, in Gameloft's NFL 2010, the first fully featured football game in the App Store.
Priced at $4.99, NFL 2010 includes Season mode, Exhibition, Playoffs, Quick Play, and WiFi multiplayer, which is coming soon in an update. Once you start a season, you must first choose your football team. All of the major NFL licensed football teams are there, even with some players resembling real ones.
Once you start a game, you choose which side of a coin you want. The coin then flips, and if you win, you can choose to punt or receive. After that, you must choose the play you will execute. From what I've seen, then only difference that the different plays make are the ability to pass, the arrangement of the players, and whether you punt or not. There are different plays for offense and defense. The graphics in the game are very polished, with shiny menus, realistic, though somewhat blocky, people, and good close-up animations.
Once you choose a play, the game zooms in to the football field. You control one of the football players, and have a virtual analog stick on your left, and on your right, are a camera button, which shows you arrows directing where the play leads, and a button to release the ball. Once the ball is in the quarterback's hands, you can tap on the shape above another player to pass it to them. The greener the shape is, the more likely the pass will complete. You can also run using the analog stick, which is slightly difficult to control with. When you are doing a defensive play, you have the same analog stick, and a button to switch players. If you run into another player, you have the game goes into bullet time, and you have the option to club or spin, to try to tackle the player. The computer does a pretty good job of switching you to the player closest to the ball. If the computer passes, the game also goes into bullet time, and you can choose to deflect or intercept the ball. If you choose to punt, a button appears, and a marker moves around it, in a horseshoe shape. The closer the marker is to the top, when you press the button, the more accurate it is. On the right is a shoe button, and the power goes up from green to red around it, and you must tap the button when it is as filled up as you can get it.

Great Graphics
Decent Controls
NFL License

Too Difficult to Get Touchdowns
No Online Multiplayer Yet (Should have been in v1.0, not in an update)

Bottom Line:
NFL 2010 is a great game for a football fan to have, and only $4.99 for this almost console quality game is an amazing deal.

Graphics: 4.5/5
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Controls: 3.75/5
Replay Value: 4.5/5

Overall: 9/10 (not an average)


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