Monday, July 6, 2009

A Bugs Defense Promo Code Giveaway

Win 2 Promo Codes for A Bugs Defense for free!!
We have received 2 promo codes for A Bugs Defense, courtesy of CDE, to give away to our lucky readers.To win A Bugs Defense for free, leave a comment or email, saying what the main character's name is.  (Hint: Check the iTunes Store Description) If you leave a comment, please include your email address so we can contact you if you win. Some people want more privacy, so that is why we offer the option to email us. You may not enter more than once per contest. The contest will close on July 17th, and the winners will be announced soon after. The more people enter, the more contests we will have in the future, so enter and tell all of your friends! Below this post are contests for 2 Toki Tori codes, 2 Car Jack Streets codes, a Zenonia code, 2 Moonlights codes,  5 Tiki Golf 3D codes, and 2 Archmage Defense codes, so enter those for a much greater chance to win a free game!
Check out the review of A Bugs Defense, a cartoony tower defense game.

iTunes Store Description: A Bugs Defense



Ben said...

The main character is Lucy.

p-rod said...

Main character = Lucy

S3RGANT said...

The main character is Lucy

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