Thursday, July 16, 2009

Next Generation iPod Predictions

If you are anything like me, you spend all night drooling over the latest apple announcement, start a counter down to the second, have 49382 browser tabs open to live feeds of the keynote, read a gazillion predictions, and read macrumors every day. And since you're still reading this, you're pretty much like me.

So, We are pretty much now just recovering from the hype of the iPhone 3Gs and from what I've played with it seems pretty solid. No crashing etc. so far and no MAJOR bugs a big kiss couldn't fix. So being the apple dork I am, I'm pretty much ready for the next iPod version in 55 days! So here's my predictions:

Date: Apple iPod events always happen during the second Tuesday of September. And ALL apple events happen at 1 EST.  So the pretty much gives us 55 days and change until the next apple event so do NOT buy an iPod untill then!

iPod Shuffle: Basic Stuff, more storage, different colors, the basic stuff, might be able to cure cancer but no one would care because it's the shuffle. In fact, this year, like last, the shuffle might just be skipped over.

iPod Nano: Not really feeling a focus on the nano this year. Most likely because been giant re-designs the past two years. So this is the place when I would say more colors, BUT just look at the nano now, the whole FLIPPING rainbow. That said different colors this year to! (Orange PUH-lease!) So other then storage and colors I wasn't feeling anything else UNTILL I heard about apples MASSIVE order of cameras. That means a new camera in the back of the nano which will render old cases useless. A round up: Shuffle gets storage and colors and nano gets colors and a camera.

iPod Classic: Ahhh, the good old iPod Classic that no ones cares about. So last year was BORING for the classic so I'm feeling something major this year. More storage for sure, thinner, color-ness, and a camera. But those are just definite. Some dream-land crap: Touch controls?  New software? The classic needs something to differ itself from everyone else. A killer feature. Possibly a sexier hardware design? Either way, the iPod Classic will get a ton more attention this year then last

iPod Touch: The absolute best iPod model. Here's what I feeling. No design changes at all except for camera. For the past few model changes, Apple has kept the old but brought in the new. So apple will cut the price of the iPod Touch 2G to 130 and it will sell like hotcakes. No hardware changes on the old 2G just a price change. The new iPod Touch (3G? 2Gs?) will have a camera, vibrate feature, microphone. No design changes. New model will be 16 gig for 230 and 300 for 32 and 400 for 64. Although the last one is questionable because they could cut it. Two games will be launched alongside the new iPod. Most likely, an ngmoco game and gameloft.
Quick Recap: Shuffle gets color and storage, Nano gets camera and color, Classic gets major redesign, thin, color, storage, camera, Touch gets new model, storage, camera, microphone, and vibrate.

Overall, this will be a let down for many people due to it's hype. So get excited and thanks for bearing with me!

Writer: IBITF


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