Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pipe Mania Promo Code Giveaway!!!

We have received 1 promo code for Pipe Mania, courtesy of Robosoft, to give away to our lucky readers. Pipe Mania is a game from many platforms, where you must guide the "flooze" to the exit of each level, using pipes. A review of the game, which is incredibly fun, is coming soon. To enter, read the contest rules below.

Contest Rules:
1. The Pipe Mania giveaway is open to all, but to redeem the promo code, you must have a  US iTunes Store account. If you do not, you can either make one, or give the code to a friend who has one.

2. One of the two ways to enter the contest is to visit Pipe Mania's iTunes page (Link), and write a comment on this contest post, saying what version the game is currently on. Note: Along with the answer, you must also leave either your Twitter username or email  address, so we can contact you if you win.

2.5: If you do not want to leave your email or twitter username written publicly in a comment, email your entry to

3. Another form of entry, which increases your chances of winning a promo code for Pipe Mania, is to follow me on twitter, and re-tweet the following message: RT and Follow @zamzarvideo to win a promo code for Pipe Mania, courtesy of @Robosoft! Visit for details!

4. You can re-tweet this message up to five times per day, and each re-tweet makes it even  easier for you to win a promo code for Pipe Mania.

5. The contest will close Tuesday, August 10th at 23:59 PST. Winners will randomly be  selected, and the ten lucky winners will be announced shortly after, on Wednesday morning.

Good Luck!!


Mike said...

Pipe Mania is on version: 1.2
Twitter: @MikeCTZA

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