Monday, June 29, 2009

Contest for 2 Free Toki Tori Codes

Enter Here to Win Free Codes for Toki Tori!
We have received 2 promo codes for Toki Tori, courtesy of Two Tribes and Chillingo, to give away to our lucky readers. To win Toki Tori for free, leave a comment or email, naming the other two platforms Toki Tori has been on. (Read the review of Toki Tori for the answer.) If you leave a comment, please include your email address so we can contact you if you win. Some people want more privacy, so that is why we offer the option to email us. You may not enter more than once per contest. The contest will close on July 12th, and the winners will be announced soon after. The more people enter, the more contests we will have in the future, so enter and tell all of your friends!
Check out the review of Toki Tori, and if you do not win, support the developers and buy it, because it is worth it. 

Toki Tori is now having a $.99 sale! If you were holding out before, because of the price, now's a great time to buy Toki Tori!

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shabzcohelp said...

The other platforms that toki Tori was on in the past are nintendo wii, gameboy color and also windows mobile. Hope to win your contest :).
My email address is

JCman7 said...

gameboy advance and Wii! I sent you an email too its JCman7...

rao said...

Hey Fleabag. Here's raoupp from TA forums (and promo codes exchange club :-)
The answer is Wii and Gameboy Advance.

Howie said...

Toki Tori has been on the Gameboy Advance and Wii!!

BTW, awesome giveaway!!


BigDaveyJ93 said...

Gameboy Advance and Wii


alex said...

It has been on Gameboy Advance and Wii.

Fleabag323 said...

@alex Email Address???

Ben said...

Toki Tori has been on the Nintendo Wii and the Gameboy Advance.

alex said...

My email address is, sorry for forgetting my email, I have added it to all my posts.

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