Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baseball Superstars Review

1...2...3 Strikes! You're out! The gameplay of Baseball Superstars, by Gamevil, closely follows this pattern. In it, most of the time, you are either striking out, or running extremely slowly while the other team gets you out with insanely fast throws. 
In the game, there are several modes, including season and quick play. In these modes, you choose a coach, who gives you special abilities, and a super batter. Once in the game, you start batting. You can move left and right next to the plate, and press a button to swing, once the pitcher pitches the ball.  Once you hit the ball, it usually only goes infield, then it is caught. It is almost impossible to get a home run, and your players run incredibly slowly. I have only gotten a few runs in the entire time I've played the game.  After you get three outs, you switch to pitching. You first choose what type of pitch, aim in all four directions, then press a button to pitch.  You then do this for nine innings.
This game has all the features you want in a baseball game, but just isn't that enjoyable. I don't usually like baseball games, so that may be the case, but it just lacks a fun factor for me.

Different modes
Easy controls

Too hard
Boring and Repetitive

Bottom Line:
If you love baseball games, either get this or Com2us's game, 9 Innings Pro Baseball 2009.

Gameplay: 2.5/5
Graphics: 3/5
Controls: 4/5

Overall: 6.5/10 (not an average)


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