Saturday, June 13, 2009

Car Jack Streets Review

You are Randal, a man with $1,000,000 of gambling debt, and you have to pay the mob leader, Frankie, $50,000 every week. Can you do it?
Car Jack Streets, costing $.99, developed by TAG Games, is a Grand Theft Auto type game that takes place in Jack City, a huge city that you can roam around in, hijacking cars, delivering pizza, shooting people, and even being a bodyguard. There are many missions that you 
can complete, such as driving someone to meet their friend, or destroying a car with an enemy in it. The game takes place in real time, so every day you can complete new missions, and every real week, you have to pay off your debt by using the money you make from completing missions.
There are three control methods for cars, and one for walking: analog, digital, and wheel, and a d-pad when on foot. Analog has a bar on the left side of the screen that you slide to turn left or right. Note that it doesn't turn to your left, but instead the car's left. On the right side of the screen, there are two arrows and a turbo button, press the top arrow to accelerate, and the bottom to go in reverse. 
Digital is the same as analog except you do not slide on the left side of the screen, you press a left or right button. Wheel has a circle on the left side of the screen, and you slide a smaller circle around the circumference to drive in that direction. The wheel is the easiest to use of these methods. The d-pad for walking is perfect, and is not truly a d-pad, but instead a picture shown over what really functions as an analog stick. On the right side of the screen on foot, there is a weapon button and a button to get into a car. There are about 30 vehicles in the game, ranging from Sedans to Helicopters and Assault Tanks, and five weapons. 
The game is very addicting and fun, and keeps you coming back over and over again. Car Jack Streets has the option to switch the orientation, which is a feature that most games lack. This way, iPhone or iPod Touch users do not have to play with the headphones jutting into their hand.
Even after the update with the wheel control method, it is still a bit difficult to control. That, and the fact that real-time can sometimes get annoying, are really the only bad parts of the game.

Good Graphics
Lots of Vehicles
Tons of Replay Value

Controls Are a Bit Hard
No Free Play Mode

Bottom Line:
Car Jack Streets is very good game, and easily worth your 99 cents, especially if you enjoy Grand Theft Auto.

Graphics: 4.5/5
Gameplay: 4.9/5
Controls: 4/5

Overall: 9.5/10 (not an average)


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