Saturday, May 16, 2009

UniWar Review

Uniwar, priced at $4.99, is a turn-based strategy game in which you control your base, and move and build units, while trying to attack and defeat your opponent. To control your units, you just tap on them, tap a space that is highlighted, and they move. To attack, you simply tap the unit, then tap your enemy, and press attack. To build a unit, you tap on your base, and a menu comes up, with statistics for all the units and you can tap the unit to purchase it. 
There are four modes in UniWar. They are Online play, Campaign, Solo, and VS. In Online play, you can battle your friends over the internet. In Campaign, you follow 21 missions to defeat your enemy and help you to learn how to play the game. In Solo, you compete against the AI, and in VS. you battle against a friend on the same device.
There are over 50 maps in the game, which adds a lot of replay value. The game overall is very fun, and the graphics are good. I really can't think of any bad things about UniWar.

50+ maps
Many different types of units
4 gameplay modes
Online Multiplayer

$.99 introductory sale ended

UniWar is a worthwhile purchase for most fans of Risk or other Turn-Based Strategy games, and it will provide hours of fun.

Score: 9.5/10

Sorry no pictures, the uploading service was acting up. There are screenshots in the iTunes description.


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