Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trivial Pursuit Review

Trivial Pursuit, $4.99, is another game in the App Store that EA released recently. Like its name suggests, it is a port of the board game, Trivial Pusuit, in which you control a circular playing piece colored either green, purple, yellow, pink, light blue, or orange around the board, with the shape depending on which of the four modes you are in. The modes are Classic Mode, WiFi-Multiplayer, Pursuit Mode, and Pass 'N Play. Classic is the original Trivial Pursuit board, in the shape of a circle, with paths coming in to the center, and you can play against 1-3 computer players. WiFi Multiplayer is self explanatory, it is multiplayer over WiFi. In Pursuit mode, you are the only player, and  you move along a path with some alternate paths, and try to get to the end of each level. Pass 'N Play is a mode where you play with 2-4 players and pass the device every turn. 
At the beginning of each game, you can customize your playing piece, and profile. There are many figures to play as on the side of the screen, and six colors of playing pieces. You can name your character, although default is the name of your iPod Touch or iPhone. Once you start Classic Mode, you can either shake to roll the dice, or tap, then tap again to stop. You move around the board using your dice rolls and answer questions in any of the six categories of trivia, Arts & Literature, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure, Entertainment, Geography, or History. If you land on one of the "headquarters" spaces, which are the spaces with triangles on them, and get the trivia question right, then you get a wedge put onto your playing piece. If you get all of the different colored wedges, you win.
 I found the gameplay fun, and so did a few other people I showed it to. The questions are all the same difficulty, and there is no option to change the level. Also, the graphics in the game are amazing, and everything is rendered beatifully. The game also allows you to skip your opponent's turn, if it is a computer, and that makes the game go by faster.

Beautiful Graphics
Good Trivia
4 Modes
Fun Gameplay

WiFi Multiplayer is local, so unless you are at a party where everyone has iPhones and Trivial Pursuit, and you organize a game, wireless is not going to happen

If you want a game that is both fun and you can learn from, do not hesitate to buy Trivial Pursuit, which costs less than half the price of the board game, and has more gameplay options.

Score: 9.25/10


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