Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sim City Review

Sim City by E.A. is a  $4.99 game, an iPhone Version of the famous  Sim City series, by Will Wright. I found this game highly interesting and fun, with a highly complex gameplay system, though frustrating at times. 
I have not played the series, and don't know much about it, but truly enjoyed the iPhone Version. In the beginning spend zealously, slowly increasing your spending as you go along. Additionally, do not take out a loan if it can be avoided. The game features cheat codes, a screen activated by shaking the device. Two cheat codes known (without the quotes) are "I am weak", which sets the purchase price of anything to zero. Also, the code "pay tribute to your king"unlocks all the reward buildings" In another area unfortunately,  while the game is rendered in detailed 3-D graphics with pinch-to-zoom, there is one major limitation. You can not rotate the city, which I found annoying at times.

Sim City also provides you with several rewards for successful work. These come when you achieve certain things, leading your citizens to realize how lucky they are to have you as their mayor. Rewards include a courthouse, mayor statue, and new house for the mayor. Additionally you have several real worldwide landmarks, available for your city such as the Eiffel tower seen in the picture on the left. These are all available for no building cost.  

Addicting Gameplay
3-D Graphics
Detailed Buildings
Great Brand
Many Included Factors (Taxes, Budget, Transporation, etc.)

No Rotation
Can Get Frustrating 

In the end, I fell in love with the game, playing it quite a lot. I enjoyed the challenge, despite the frustrating elements. This review leaves many highly interesting things unsaid, due to the the depth and complexity of the game. Should be on your buy list for sure, especially a Sim City fan. 

Score: 9.5/10

Screenshots: Link 


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