Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Monster Trucks Nitro Review

Ever played one of those biking or truck games where you drive along a bumpy track, and tilt or press buttons to even out your vehicle? Well, Monster Trucks Nitro, by RedLynx LTD, is that game for the iPhone. It is currently on sale for the price of $.99 on the iTunes App Store.
In Monster Trucks Nitro, you race your way through 8 different levels by using the throttle and brake buttons, cruise control, and nitro boosts provided along the way in bottles. You start with 3 vehicles, the Stars and Stripes Monster Truck, the RedLynx Monster Truck, and the Miniclip Monster Truck. 
They each handle differently, for example, the Stars and Stripes Monster Truck has flexible suspension, huge wheels, and is heavier than the other trucks. Once you progress through the levels and get 4 gold medals, by beating a certain time, you unlock the Schoolbus Monster Truck, and at 8 gold medals, you unlock the Formula Monster Truck. The game is classic from the gameplay perspective, because the game follows a 2D path, but the hills, bridges, and other obstacles are rendered in stunning 3D graphics. 
You can also change the camera view by swiping down.
In my opinion, one of the best parts of Monster Trucks Nitro is Cruise Control. If you tap it, it sustains your current speed, even throughout different stages. You can put on Cruise Control in the end of one level, and it will resume in the next. All of the levels are different, challenging, and fun.
The only thing that is a bit lacking in this game is the amount of tracks. You would expect more tracks in the game, but if  you try to get a gold medal on every track and unlock the last truck, there is plenty of gameplay. Also, some levels seem a bit difficult and seem like it is impossible to get a gold medal on, but once you unlock the bus, the levels get a bit easier.

Great Graphics
5 Trucks
Fun and easy controls

Only 8 Tracks
Sometimes is a bit difficult

If you like side-scrolling car games, buy Monster Trucks Nitro. At its price of $.99, think of buying it, and if you are wobbling on the edge of the decision, just try out the original 2D game on miniclip.com or download the trial 3D version. (At least I think it's 3D, and I don't know because it does not work on Macs)




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