Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flick NBA Basketball Review

When I was first getting Flick NBA Basketball, I though to myself, "Wow, this is going to be another great game in the Flick Sports series." But I was wrong. Even with its official NBA license, I do not know why Freeverse would even think of charging $4.99 for this horrible game. It is really only five hard-to-control mini-games, with high scores.
There are five mini-games in Flick Basketball. 3 Point Shootout, Hotshot, H.O.R.S.E., Longshot, and Ball Spin. In 3-Point Shootout, you, the player of your choice, move to different spots on the court and shoot baskets. The controls are flicking on the screen from bottom to top, and is very repetitive and is not fun. In Hotshot, you are an invisible person, flicking bal
ls in a mini-basketball hoop, like a real arcade game. In H.O.R.S.E., you (again, the player of your choice) can choose where to shoot on the court, and if you make the basket, the other player has to shoot from your spot. If they miss, then they get a letter. If they make it, nothing happens. The same goes if they make a shot. The first player to get all five letters of "HORSE" loses. In Longshot, you stand in a fixed spot on the ground, with a bar that shows how well you aim, quickly going from red to green to red again. You try to get at least one ball in the basket for each speed of the bar. In Ball Spin, you tilt to control a hand that moves at the bottom of the screen, and you try to balance the ball. If you tilt up quickly, then the ball bounces and you get extra points. If you flick the ball, it starts spinning.
After 10 minutes of playing Flick NBA Basketball, I felt I had played everything the game had to offer. Everything is automatically unlockable, and this addition in the flick series was a complete and utter let-down.

NBA License

Boring and repetitive gameplay
Really only 5 mini-games
No unlockables
Very little gameplay
Outrageous price for the quantity.
Does not live up to the Flick Sports Series

Flick NBA Basketball is horrible and a complete let-down. Do not even think of buying it unless it drops to $.99.



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