Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spore Origins Review

 In my opinion, Spore was one of the best games for PC released in 2008.  When I saw that the iPhone port of Spore, Spore Origins, was released, I was thrilled. The cell stage was one of my favorite stges in Spore, and I was excited about purchasing it for my iDevice. Once I had it on my iPod, I was impressed by how much EA had improved the gameplay. Instead of floating around in a shapeless pool, you now float around in beautifully rendered environments.
 In the game, you control a customizable gelatinous creature by tilting your device, trying to collect food and progress through the levels.  There are 30 levels, in groups of five, with different environments.
 In the creature editor, you can change the shape of your creature, add parts to them, like eyes and spikes, and choose how to color them.
 The controls for Spore Origins are easy, and you adjust quickly. The gameplay is addicting, and unlike any other game on the App Store.
 Some people say the later levels of Spore become too hard, and even say the 30th level is completely impossible!

Addicting, Fun Gameplay
Endless creature possibilities
Great graphics

Too difficult in some levels
Takes up a lot of space

Spore Origins is fun for both casual gamers and hardcore gamers, and povides hours of entertainment

Score: 8.5/10

Link: Spore Origins, $4.99


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