Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pocket God Review

Pocket God is currently the #2 app in all of the App Store, and the #1 Entertainment app.   Basically, Pocket God is a fun app that has an island with Pygmies on it, and you can do lots of things with them. There are weekly updates that add new features to the app.  Some of the things you can do in Pocket God are drop coconuts on the islanders' heads, move the islanders, flick them into the distance, tilt the island and cause earthquakes, cause a volcanic explosion, strike the islanders with lightning, feed them to sharks, turn one into a vampire, cause a hurricane, fish in the ocean, burn your islanders with a magnifying glass, feed them to fire ants, chat on Feint, hit them with a meteor, and name your islanders.
The update-a-week adds a lot to the app, because it refreshes the game (Well, actually entertainment app, not game) every week and adds to the features. Sometimes after a bit, the game starts to get a bit boring, but then the update comes out and it is more fun. $.99 cents is a great asking price, and once three more updates come out, Bolt Creative is raising the price to $1.99.

Fun gameplay
Low price of $.99

Fun Factor Gradually Decreases

Overall: Go get Pocket God before the price gets raised and bring it back to #1 if you want some cheap fun!

Score: 9 out of 10


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