Sunday, April 26, 2009

Neverputt Review

I am a huge mini golf fan. And when you look out on the App Store, you don't seem to find many mini golf games. Then, one day, I found Neverputt. I played it a bit, then didn't like the menu, so I stopped. A few days ago, the developer, Lazrhog Games, released an update that completely changed the amount of time that I play the game. It added two great courses, made the menu much better, and made the graphics smoother. I started playing it again, an instantly loved it.
To play Neverputt, once in the app, you tap a course on the menu to see its description. You then tap the play button to move forward, and you choose how many players. The game starts then. To aim the ball, you slide left and right on the screen. When you want to adjust the power, you slide up and down and read the triangular meter below the ball. Then to putt, press the putt button in the upper right corner of the screen. The ball bounces off many walls, then if you aim right, eventually finds its way to the hole. The physics are very realistic, so if you overshoot the flag, the ball will bounce over the hole.
The best thing about Neverputt is how many holes it has. It has a whopping 159 holes over 9 courses! All of them are great and unique, and in one of the new courses, there are many obstacles like loops, spirals, and more.
The in-game graphics are also great, with the exception of the colored background that surrounds the floating holes. The menu isn't very aesthetically pleasing, but it works, so if there is a future update, I would suggest re-vamping the graphics of the menu and hole backgrounds. (Make woods, a desert, etc.)

159 holes
Graphics of holes are good
Multi-player on same device

Graphics on menu and background of holes need a bit of work

Overall: If you like mini golf, you should think about buying Neverputt, because it is the best mini golf game on the App Store.

Score: 8 out of 10

Link: Neverputt, $.99


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