Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bobby Carrot 2 Review

A bunny walks around, planting easter eggs and picking up carrots in a wintery cartoon world. This may seem very childish, but that is part of what gives Bobby Carrot 2 its charm.  It is one of the hardest puzzle games I have ever played.  Also in the App Store are other Bobby Carrot games, Bobby Carrot Forever, currently priced at $4.99, and Bobby Carrot 1, priced at $1.99, are both other games in the Bobby Carrot series.
In Bobby Carrot 2, You are Bobby Carrot, moving around collecting carrots in Carrot Mode or planting easter eggs on green, grassy platforms, in Easter Egg mode. There are 30 levels of Carrot Mode, and 20 of Easter Egg Mode. You can have one game going on in each mode at the same time, and can resume either from the menu. You control Bobby by swiping on the screen, or
 pressing arrows near the joystick. You can choose to view the game in Arcade or Fullscreen view. The first few levels of the game are easy, but then the difficulty quickly skyrockets.
Bobby Carrot 1 and 2 are not original to the iPhone, as they are mobile ports, but they have new music tracks. Bobby Carrot Forever is made only for the iPhone and iPod Touch. 
Bobby Carrot 2 has a lot of fun strategy involved, with spikes that jut up from the floor once you move across them once, ice, where you slide in that direction until you reach some sort of obstacle or new terrain, and also gems, which melt blocks of ice in your way. In easter egg mode, also, you cannot go through the easter eggs you automatically lay down, which also adds strategy. 
The Bobby Carrot games truly have as much gameplay as they promise, so getting one alone could occupy you for many hours. The game is fun like an RPG, with a puzzle twist.
The only complaint that some people have is that sometimes it is hard to control, but I do not feel that way at all. 

Fun and challenging gameplay
2 modes
Great wintery graphics
Different control options
Different view options

It is not an iPhone original (But that does not bother me since I have not played the original)

Bobby Carrot 2 is a must buy if you like puzzle games at all. If you like it, think about buying the others in the Bobby Carrot series, including Bobby Carrot 3 and 4, which are coming out in May and June.

Score: 9.5/10


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