Friday, April 24, 2009

Reflexion Review

Of the countless brick breakers in the App Store, Reflexion, by Trileet, is truly the most unique I have seen. The basic brick breaker consists of a paddle at the bottom of the screen that you slide along and hit a ball that bounces off the walls to destroy blocks, or bricks. But in Reflexion, you draw a paddle, then redraw and redraw it, and try to hit the bricks, collect the moving power-ups, and avoid going through sections of the wall, a feature unique to Reflexion.
There are two modes, Arcade and Puzzle. In Arcade mode, it is like a normal brick breaker's game mode, it progresses from level to level, and if you lose, you start over. The Puzzle mode has a level selection screen where you can choose from thirteen different levels to play separately.
After getting Reflexion, I was immediately hooked. It was addicting and unlike any other brick breaker, and surprisingly, even though Trileet strayed away from the 
classic formula when creating Reflexion, incredibly fun. 
However, when my friend tried it out, he did not feel the same joy when playing it that I did. He became frustrated at the controls and after playing the first five levels and losing, he stopped. I admit, some people may not like Reflexion, but most brick breaker fans will definitely enjoy it.

Intuitive Controls
Lots of Power-ups
Intuitive Gameplay
Two Gameplay modes

A bit difficult at first
Has problems on some iPod Touches (2nd Generation) I do not have one, but have heard this, and the developer is fixing this, so when the next update comes out, you are fine

Overall: This is a definite buy for anyone who is a brick breaker fan, and a suggestion for those who want a time-waster. (But then again, all iPhone games are time wasters) :)

Score: 9 out of 10 


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