Sunday, April 26, 2009

Magic Ball 2 Review

Magic Ball 2 is a Pseudo-3D brick breaker for $1.99 by Alawar Entertainment. I personally am a big fan of Brick Breaker games, such as the Bootant ones (which aren't the best), Space Buster and others. However my classic love of break games was not enough to get me to like this particular game.  

As illustrated on the right, Magic Ball has 3-D levels, however can only hit the blocks on the bottom level. I personally found that this was a copy of the desktop version, which I have not played, but looked into during this review. Alawar also shamelessly advertises their other products, every time you open the app. The control system is standard, tilt to move. The reviewers on iTunes found it a good game, unlike me, with no review under 3 stars, and a 4 star average.

Original Idea
100 Levels

Shameless Advertising (On a paid app!)
Copy of Desktop Version 
Frustrating Controls
This should not be high up on anyone's buy list, even a hardcore break gamer's. Most reviews glorify the app, making it seem much better than it is.

Score: 6/10

Screenshots: Link


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