Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jelly Car 2- Now Published By Disney- is Out!

Jelly Car 2, the sequel to the wildly popular Jelly Car, is now available for the price of $.99. In the first, created by Walaber, you are a car made of a squishy material, in a world, also made of squishy material. You must progress and get to the goal. You could tap on your car to make it larger, and press left or right on the screen to move in that direction. Also tilt to adjust the weight pressured on your car. In the second, published by Disney, it seems that the grow power-up was replaced by balloon and "walking on walls" power-ups. There are also three new modes, including a level editor, car customization screen, and more. Based on the fact that the two games are published by Walaber and Disney, it's probable that Disney bought the rights to Jelly Car and hired the developers to create the sequel.
Here's the full list of features:

****************ALL NEW MODES!****************


• Create your own puzzles with the Custom Level Editor. Choose ramps, wheels, levers and more from over 40 items.
• Customize your JellyCar! Choose from multiple body styles and color combinations.


• Where does all this squishy goodness come from? The Jelly Factory, of course! In this puzzle game your goal is to guide the falling parts into matching chutes. Tap the levers to open different pathways to guide each part down the conveyor belts.


• You’re going for distance, so go for speed! Watch out for objects that can slow you down, and look for objects that can help give you a boost!

*************ALL NEW JELLY ABILITIES!*************

• Sticky Wheels: Activate Sticky Wheels and drive up walls!
• Balloon Ability: Activate Balloon Ability and float out of trouble!

Since its release less than 24 hours ago, Jelly Car 2 has risen to the #10 paid app spot, and is rising fast. From what the user reviews say, it seems that it's just as good as the first, if not better.



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