Sunday, November 15, 2009

2D Gravity Based Platformer Round Up! Gomi Vs. Soosiz!

It's not that often that you get two games, each with unique ideas, developed and published independently by two different entities, released in the same time frame, and happen to be very similar. Well, that's exactly what happened with the releases of Gomi and Soosiz. (Pronounced "Sue-sihz" I believe)

Gomi, $2.99, developed by the creator of the popular free game, Trace, is focused on leading different colored gelatinous blobs slowly through 8 worlds, collecting trash to make the world clean. You move around planetoids by tilting, and the gravity allows you to spin upside down, and every which way. (Similar to Super Mario Galaxy, but 2D) The graphics are hand drawn, and some think it adds charm to the game, while others think it makes the game look unprofessional and child-like. There are also special abilities which you can activate by tapping your Gomi, and you gain one for every world you beat. You can customize the shape, color, and ability of your Gomi to fit your playing style more. Gomi also features mini-games, all of which could probably be sold for $.99. The gameplay moves very slowly, and is more of a game for fans of strategy, not frantic action.

8 Worlds
Good Controls
Relatively Fun

Slow Paced
Childish Graphics

Soosiz, $2.99, by Touch Foo, is a game similar to Gomi, but you control your character, "Soosiz," throughout 8 worlds by using on-screen buttons, while trying to find mini versions of yourself. Soosiz is very fast paced, and involves puzzles with different buttons, spinning wheels of spikes, and more. It feels more like Mario than Gomi, and I actually find the game more entertaining than Mario. It feels even more like Mario because the controls are spot-on and incredibly precise. The graphics are clean, cartoonish, and perfect for the game. Small details, such as a scuba mask in the underwater world and a helmet in the space world add a lot to the polish of the game. There are power-ups in the form of Mini-Soosizes, which can make you faster (and gain more momentum for jumps), jump higher, or gain lives. Also, if you get 100 coins, you can activate invicibility.

8 Worlds
Incredibly Fun
Perfect Controls

Some Difficult Levels

Basically, if you want the slow, Katamari type game, choose Gomi. If you want the fast paced, Mario action game, choose Soosiz. Both are easily worth your money.



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