Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Coming Soon: Mission: Deep Sea, Published by Chillingo

An intriguing upcoming title, Mission: Deep Sea, is coming the the App Store. In it, you play as a sea turtle underwater, and unearth a mystery throughout the course of a few "episodes." One of the most interesting parts is that you control by pinching. If you use an outwards pinch, you are propelled forward through the water. However, you're only controlling the turtle, the in-depth storyline is quoted here:

The use of animals for military purposes is as old as the history of war. Mankind has used animals for transportation, communication,
offense and defense purposes. The use of animals during wars however, has extreme cases like guided missile pigeons, killer dolphins and fire-starter monkeys. During 1950s and 60s, the golden age of parapsychology, the CIA conducted experiments on animals. During these researches of telepathic methods, the experiments to command animals with electromagnetic waves through implanted electrodes
were also conducted. Fortunately, direct usage of animals in wars is, now prohibited by animal rights.

Mission: Deep Sea takes place in the near future, where a neural-chip that enables the humans, command and feel the nervous system of primitive animals. In 2015, Snapstronics Incorporation’s n-chip, succeeds on reptiles due to their primitive brain structure. This provides a way to benefit from the perks of these, otherwise wild animals. The fitted n-chips, transports the nerve commands between partners, without interfering the autonomous systems like breathing and digestion. This way, the human partner with the pairing n-chip, is able to command to the muscular system of the animal, and feel what it feels like his own.

Sea turtles, populated with the help of cloning technology, and no longer being an endangered specie, have been fitted with n-chips, to form
human-turtle partnerships, and these partners started to be tested for various noncombatant tasks like search & rescue and reconnaissance.

In the first episode of Mission: Deep Sea, we get introduced to our partner Buddy, the sea turtle, and practice swimming, during various missions. Later on, during a mission in an ancient sunken city, we find ourselves in a story, where we discover reliefs about sea monsters, and their connections to REMICONN, the underwater research station which was shutdown in 1970s, because of an experiment gone wrong.

The first episode of the series, do not have too many levels, but because of scoring against the time, and global high score tables, the high score challenge will keep you in these underwater race tracks. An empathic connection is built during our time with our partner loggerhead, and with hidden messages throughout the game, an environmental awareness is raised. More importantly, a part of profits from this game is decided to be donated for the protection and conservation of sea turtles around the world.


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