Thursday, November 12, 2009

James Cameron's Avatar- Releasing on Dec. 15th for the App Store- First Video from Gameloft!

Avatar, the upcoming game based on the movie, developed by Gameloft, has just had the first gameplay video be released. The game takes place before the movie, with the main characters being Avatars, human-alien hybrids created to move the Na'vi, an alien race on the planet Pandora, out of valuable forests. In the iPhone game, you are one of the Na'vi, and fight back against the Avatars (and humans). The first video of the game was just released, on Gameloft's YouTube channel. As you can see from the video, the game features a similar engine to Gameloft's other games, and a view close to the Dungeon Hunter camera angle, but closer up. It features the same virtual analog stick as many of Gameloft's games, but of course with a new futuristic alien skin.

Since Gameloft chose not to allow the video to be embedded, the link to the gameplay video is below:
In the video description, it also announces that the game will be released on December 15th, a few days before the movie.


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