Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prince of Persia coming to iPhone from Gameloft?

UPDATE: It is in fact Prince of Persia. After taking a closer look at the video and comparing the sword in the video to the sword in this Prince of Persia screenshot, I can confirm the two swords are alike. Therefore, because the swords are alike, Gameloft's next iPhone hit is Prince of Persia.

Take a look at the Prince of Persia sword HERE

If you look closely in the video and the picture, you can see the letters are very similar and seem to be written in Arabic.


Prince of Persia? Dungeon Hunter 2? God of War 3?

As much as we all wish it was God of War, it's probably not. This seems to be more of a Prince of Persia type game. Take a look at this mysterious teaser trailer yourself:


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