Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Iron Man 2 (from Gameloft) Coming Soon

Looks like Gameloft never gets any rest! Several Gameloft titles have been announced including Gangstar: Sin City, Splinter Cell: Conviction, N.O.V.A 2, Hero of Sparta 2, Zombie Infection, and now Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 2 is set to release in US theaters Friday May 7th. Movie games for the iPhone have been released in the past and very few of them (including Gameloft's Terminator Salvation and Avatar) been successful. This one looks like it'll be a hit

Gameloft is offering 9 levels developed in full 3D. As you fight your enemies Ultimo, Firepower, and Whiplash, Gameloft is giving you a choice of different characters including Iron Man and War Machine. Weapons and powers can be upgraded in Iron Man 2. Weapons include Repulsors and the Unibeam.

Gameloft is even featuring a rock metal soundtrack in the game. Gameloft LIVE! and 25 achievements are available.
    Based on the screenshots, the game will have on screen controls. Controlling your character will be done by moving around a virtual joystick on the bottom left of the screen and several action buttons are available on the right of the screen.


    UK and Switzerland seem to get an early release as it will arrive on April 26th for them for $6.99. Iron Man 2 will be released in US, Austria, and Germany on May 3rd for $6.99.

    We'll have a full review soon when the game has been released.


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