Tuesday, April 20, 2010

N.Y. Zombies Review

Prepare to enter New York city. Filled with hundreds of peop- zombies, it's up to you to fight your way and find safety! This isn't one of those walk... shoot the zombies, walk... shoot the zombies, walk... shoot the zombies type games. Instead, it's a unique game that offers a ton more fun. Featuring a number of weapons (upgradeable), over 20 highly detailed levels, and a detailed story line, N.Y. Zombies is one of the greatest zombie games on the App Store!

Starting off in your apartment, your character has to travel throughout New York until he finds safety. Levels include your apartment, a lobby, Central Park, a subway, and lots more! A unique story mode is featured in this game. After each level has been completed, you read a journal entry (which gives you the entire story), and then you can buy, upgrade, and equip different weapons. However, choose wisely, as there is a limit to how many weapons you can equip. The story mode in this game is one that actually interests me. Most games I play, I read the story, yet I don't enjoy it. This story is actually fun to pay attention to.

As I mentioned previously, you don't simply walk and shoot zombies. Instead, you are placed in a certain position and you tap to shoot zombies as they walk, crawl, and even run towards you from everywhere. To look around, you drag your finger around the screen. To assist you, a radar is available which displays the location of the zombies. When a zombie comes towards you, you choose any weapons and simply tap anywhere on the zombie to shoot it. You can zoom in which causes more damage. Pinching your fingers out will do the trick. On the bottom of the screen you can view and select your different weapons (ranging from a machete to grenades to M16s.) Weapons can be purchased after completing a level and there are over 20 weapons to purchase. Originally, I found this new system a bit disappointing. However, I realized this was a great method. It adds a ton more intensity to the game and you can't just run away. It really is an amazing experience. There's even an endless mode in this game!

Graphics in this game are decent. They aren't the best I've seen on iPhone, but they're not terrible. One thing I feared was the lack of different zombies. However, Foursaken Media added different zombies (not just their appearances.) Some zombies slowly walk towards you, some run towards you, some even crawl towards you. Other zombies have abilities to throw things at you from a distance and another type of zombies (the ugliest and my least favorite) have enormous heads that let zombies that have previously fallen down to get back up.

Therefore, N.Y. Zombies is an incredible zombie experience on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Playing on my 1st gen iPod Touch works just fine and I've yet to experience a lag/crash. Of course this isn't Left 4 Dead 2 on your iPhone, but it definitely is one of the greatest zombie killing games available on the app store. It's difficult to find negative things about this game. The only thing I can actually say is bad is the difficulty. The game starts out pretty easy, but as you progress it becomes very difficult. It took me almost 4 days to beat a specific level.


Excellent Controls
Several types of Zombies
Interesting Story



Graphics: 4/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Controls: 4.5/5
Sound/Music: 5/5
Replay Value: 5/5

Overall: 9/10 (not an average)

Bottom Line: If you're looking for an intense and fun zombie game on the App Store, N.Y. Zombies is perfect for you. Even though your character can't physically move, he can still look around. This adds more excitement to the game. However, if you're looking for Left 4 Dead 2 on your iPhone, buy an XBOX.

And if you're on the fence, you're more than welcome to give the lite version a shot for free

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