Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Win Rocket Monkey For Free!! 3 Promo Codes to Give Away!

We have received 3 codes for Rocket Monkey, courtesy of "people operating technology," to give away to our lucky readers. (You!) Read on for the mini-review and how to enter...

Rocket Monkey, $.99, is a game where you guide a monkey through space, in between two groups of rocks. Asteroids are all over the area, and you have to avoid them while moving forward. If you hit them or the top and bottom of the screen, you lose. To go up, press and hold on the screen, and to go down, wait for the monkey to drop. The controls are implemented well, and are very easy to use. As you get further in the asteroid belt, the asteroids start moving up and down, and appear more frequently. Once you get really far in, it becomes a frenzy and you finally crash. However, the game is so addictive that you just want to keep playing it over and over. (Also the fact that there's a contest going on, but I'll talk about that later.) The graphics in the game are incredibly good, everything is animated in 3D, and the framerate is great. A few things that could be added in updates are speed boosts, different obstacles, checkpoints every 1000 points, and different game modes, such as one where you have to avoid asteroids and collect fuel.
Once you lose a game, the fun isn't over. You can submit your score online, and compare it with your friends and everyone in the world with Open Feint. There are also achievements that can be unlocked, some based on distance in one game, and pure skill, and others for total distance if you aren't amazing at the game. Now, this increases the replay value dramatically, but the contest going on currently gives you even more motivation to keep playing. The goal of the contest, originally posted here, is to be the first person to get a score of 5000. The prize: A $200 iTunes Gift Card! This promo code giveaway probably won't be over by then, so if you want a chance, buy the game and keep playing. However, my current top score is only 2032 (Try to beat me on Open Feint, I'm ZamZar), so I'm not sure if someone will even get to 5000 by the time the promo codes get sent out.

Overall: 9/10

Now, back to the contest. There are two ways you can enter:

1. Comment on this post saying the gaming network Rocket Monkey uses for Achievements and Leaderboards. (Hint: Check the iTunes Description or the Mini-Review above for the answer) Also post either your Twitter account or your email address so we can contact you if you win.
2. Make sure you are following @TouchReviewsTK on Twitter, and ReTweet the following phrase: "RT and Follow @TouchReviewsTK to win one of three FREE PROMO CODES for Rocket Monkey! To see more details visit: http://rfly.me/rmpcc" You can ReTweet this message 5 times a day for extra entries!

Full Contest Rules:
1. You must have a US iTunes account to redeem the codes. If you do not, you can do whatever you want with the code that is within iTunes' User Agreement.
2. Only the specified amount of entries per person. Entering with multiple Twitter or email accounts is not allowed.
3. The contest will end on Tuesday, October 20th, at 11:59 PM PST. If in your time zone it is October 21st, you may enter the extra times for that day.

That's it, and good luck winning the promo codes!


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