Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dungeon Hunter Review

Enter a world filled with peculiar and unusual creatures such as zombies, skeletons, and loads of other monsters! You wake up in a strange place. Confused, you take a look around and see a fairy. Only dead people can see fairies. Hm. There’s only one explanation for that! Guide your character through a series of quests in a number of locations and destroy anything that comes in your path! Dungeon Hunter, one of the greatest RPG’s on iPhone!

Dungeon Hunter can be pretty much described in one word: ‘Diablo.’ Like 80% of Gameloft’s titles, Dungeon Hunter is based off another hit game. This RPG hack n’ slash game is phenomenal. There are hundreds of customization options for your character. Starting the game for the first time, you can choose from three different classes; “Warrior,” “Rogue,” and “Mage.” Warrior’s skill is strength. The class Rogue’s skill is dexterity. Finally, energy is Mage’s skill. A fairy is by your side to assist you on your task. She has special powers used to defeat enemies. Along with your fairy, you are given a weapon (daggers, swords, knifes, etc.) to destroy the creatures with. So many different armor and weapons are available to use. These items can also be sold for gold and you can use gold to purchase other items with the merchant.

Gameloft allows you to use one of two control methods. The first is the typical Gameloft style; joystick on the left and action buttons on the right. The joystick is to control your character’s movement (obviously.) There are three action buttons on the right. The one on the bottom is used to swing your weapon at an opponent. The middle one is to use your special. The uppermost button is to use your selected fairy’s power. There are five fairies each having their own unique power (you have to discover a fairy during different quests.) The second option is to tap the part of the screen you want your character to go and you are still given the three action buttons on the right. I tend to use the first control option when I am playing because it feels better then just tapping the screen; it feels as if you have more control over your character. However, something that really bothers me is the fact that the joystick can get unresponsive sometimes. Hopefully, Gameloft will address this issue in a future update.

To access your skills menu and view your character’s information, you select the button on the top left. Here, you can see what level you are on, your class, how many experience point you have, and your remaining points. Each time you level up (to level up you have to reach a certain number of experience points) you gain 2 points to increase your character’s skills. You can improve his Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, and Energy. Statistics are also available to look at. All the items you’ve collected can also be seen here. You can select the types of weapons or armor you want your character to have. Everything from your head to your foot can be customized. There is a number of “Special” you can choose from and each special can be leveled up. Your specials can be changed in-game by dragging the action button from left to right. Lastly, in this menu, if you are lost or are unaware of what you are doing, you can see what quest needs to be completed.

Graphics in Dungeon Hunter are astonishing. What Gameloft has accomplished is really pushing the limit. I’m astonished the iPhone can handle so many objects on a screen with gorgeous graphics. The game has no bugs or lags, playing on a 1st generation iPod Touch.


Consists of all RPG Elements

Excellent gameplay with interesting story

Lengthily game

Tons of items you can pick up

Detailed upgrades


Unresponsive controls (at times.)

Bottom Line:

This deep RPG contains all the elements a hardcore RPG gamer is looking for. With a lot of replay value (3 classes to play with), several upgrades, and an interesting story, Dungeon Hunter is a must buy.


Graphics: 5/5

Gameplay: 5/5

Controls: 4/5

Replay Value: 4/5

Overall: 10/10 (not an average)

Link: Dungeon Hunter, $6.99


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