Monday, December 7, 2009

Win One of SIX Free Copies of Wheeler's Treasure!

We have received 6 codes for Wheeler's Treasure, courtesy of Two Lives Left Ltd., to give away to our lucky readers. (You guys!) Read on for our review of Wheeler's Treasure, and how to win yourself a free copy!

In Wheeler's Treasure, $1.99, you are a female pirate who must survive in a wheel spinning through a landscape, for as many "yarrds" as you can. There are pools of lava and acid, holes in the ground, and skeletons to harm you. There are cannon balls and bombs which can create holes in your wheel, which you can patch up with coins you earn along the way. Once you reach certain distances, you will find special items you can equip. These include a hook that allows you to grapple onto the wheel, portable healing water, and a stopwatch that can slow down time.
There are a few modes in the game. The main is adventure mode, where you try to get as far as possible. There is also a Rush mode, where you have to get to 300 yarrds with tons of enemies and pits. Wheeler's Treasure is OpenFeint enabled, so you can compete to get a higher score than your friends, or anyone else in the world. This means there's also various achievements, involving distance traveled, items unlocked, and more.
To control your female pirate, swipe in the direction you want her to move. If you swipe into the air, she jumps. At the end of the tutorial you unlock double-jump boots, and eventually you can unlock triple-jump boots. You also have the option for inverse swiping. Along with this option, there are tons of others, including to reverse the direction of the wheel's spin (I use this heavily, it's uncomfortable to go from right to left). However, there isn't the much-needed option to play as a male pirate.
This game has the "Doodle Jump Effect." Basically, this means, you feel the need to keep trying over and over again, just to beat your high score. Additionally, you can unlock scenes, which are 3D buildings you pass. All of these additions make the game extremely fun.

Fluid Graphics
Extremely Addictive
Unlockable Items
OpenFeint (With a cool, skinned bottom bar)

No Male Pirates

Bottom Line:
Wheeler's Treasure is highly recommended, and you might want to buy the game before the contest ends, just so you can play and enjoy the game early.

Graphics: 5/5
Gameplay: 5/5
Controls: 4.5/5
Sound/Music: 4.5/5
Replay Value: 5/5

Overall: 9.75/10 (not an average)


There are two easy ways to enter the contest.

1. Comment on this post saying one of the items that was added in this update. (Can be found on the iTunes Description on a computer) Along with the item, post either your Twitter account or email address, so we can contact you if you win.
2. Make sure you are following @zamzarvideo on Twitter, and ReTweet the following phrase (try not to use the built in RT API): "RT and Follow @zamzarvideo to win any of SIX promo codes for Wheeler's Treasure! To see details and a review, visit:"

Full Contest Rules:
1. You must have a US iTunes account to redeem the codes. If you do not, you can still win, but make sure you have a plan with what to do with the code, within the iTunes User Agreement. (Basically, don't sell the codes, however, you may trade them on popular forums for other promo codes.)
2. You are only allowed the specified amount of entries per person, however you may tweet about the contest extra times to spread the word. :) Entries with multiple Twitter or email accounts is not permitted.
3. The contest will end on Sunday, December 13th, at 11:59 PM PST. The winners will be announced and the codes will be sent out shortly after. If in your time zone, it is already December 8th, but not yet the deadline, you may use your entries for that day.