Thursday, September 3, 2009

Minigore Review

One of the most hyped iPhone games ever, Minigore, was released recently. Forums were filled up with threads, with countless "When is it coming out?!?!?" and "OMG it looks so good!" posts. The fans wanted it so badly that the developers submitted it, with promised frequent updates with more content. When the first few customers played it, it was a let down. There wasn't nearly enough content in the game, with only one level, character, four similar enemies, and three power-ups. Sure, the fans love it, and they anxiously await for more updates, but the truth is, it isn't ready to be released yet.
Minigore, $.99, a survival shooter, has beautiful 3D graphics, and spot-on controls. It has one level, two weapons, two power-ups, four very similar enemies, and promised updates that build on the content of the game. You play as John Gore,  on his quest to kill the "furries" that come to attack you. You control John by moving a virtual analog stick on the left, and control his gun with the analog stick on the right. There are normal and expert difficulties, and various options, such as to hide the analog sticks, or play your own music. Your basic weapon is a machine gun, but if you run into a box that appears, you get a shotgun, which shoots bullets in an arc in front of John. If you shoot the box instead of running into it, it explodes and shoots bullets outward. Also, four leaf clovers appear throughout the level, and if you collect three, you turn into an invincible beast.
Currently, there are three updates that have their features announced. The first update has already been submitted for a few weeks, and has furry sense (Shows circles at the edge of the screen if a furry is coming, like Flight Control), a third live, and the new version of OpenFeint. The second update has an insane mode, giant firefurries, normal firefurries, and a grenade that John Gore uses as a special attack. The third update has bluetooth and local WiFi co-op multiplayer, with Lizzie and another character from Sway, Enviro-Bear, Evan Hsu, the winner of a contest, and possibly John Gore's daughter. After that, there are supposed to be updates with new maps and enemies.
Even though Minigore is lacking content, it's fun while it lasts. It would be a better bet to buy the game once it gets updated with the content for the same price as now, but you can also buy it now to support the developers and encourage them to keep pushing out updates. All of the game is highly polished (except for the bland menu buttons), and all fits together really well.

Cute Graphics
Perfect Controls
Updates Coming

Lacking Content
Bland Menu Screen

Bottom Line:
Right now Minigore isn't a must have game, especially with the release of another great survival shooter, Alive 4 Ever, but it has the potential to be one.

Graphics: 4.5/5
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Controls: 5/5
Replay Value: 4/5

Overall: 8.5/10 (not an average)


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